may, 2020

15mayAll Day17The Rainhill Trials – hosted by BodyPowerNorth Avenue, Marston Green, Birmingham, B40 1NT...Format:IndividualQualifier:NoCategory:Accessible to all AbilitiesCountry:United Kingdom

Event Details

This no qualifier event is designed to open competition to any and all regardless of your experience. The successful 720 athletes, 360 male and 360 female, will give a series of results to allow them to be ranked with similar level athletes for competition on the day in one of three subsidiary competitions; Rocket (highest level – 1), Kennedy (level 2), and Wood (level 3)

Competitors in the Wood category will compete on FRIDAY 15TH MAY

Competitors in the Kennedy category will compete on SATURDAY 16TH MAY

Competitors in the Rocket category will compete on SUNDAY 17TH MAY

Seeding workouts will be released via email on 15th February, with results due by 28th March.
You will find out your category and therefore day of competition no later than 4th April

Please be aware that if you place in the 3rd category you will be competing on FRIDAY 15th May and should make any necessary arrangements for leave from work or similar as soon as possible. I’m afraid we are not able to transfer athletes from one category to another – seeding is fundamental to the event.

You will receive your complimentary pass for BodyPower nearer the time, athletes will be permitted entry to the exhibition from 8am on both days they have access:

Friday competitors will receive a Friday and Saturday pass
Saturday competitors will receive a Saturday and Sunday pass
Sunday competitors will receive a Saturday and Sunday pass


As we are a small part of the exhibition there are no separate “Rainhill Trials spectator tickets”, your ticket will gain you full access to the exhibition. We have arranged with BodyPower that each athlete will be able to purchase TWO early access spectator tickets which will allow access from 8am. The cost of these will be £27 each for a single day access.

Further spectator tickets will also be charged at £27 for a single day access, but only permit entry from 10.30am which is the “general admittance” time for the exhibition – these tickets would usually cost £35 direct from BodyPower. Earlier access tickets are available with different prices direct from BodyPower at

If you have any queries please contact us at



may 15 (Friday) - 17 (Sunday)


National Exhibition Centre

North Avenue, Marston Green, Birmingham, B40 1NT


Train 6 Arundel Street, Castlefield Manchester, United Kingdom